Blockers are game elements occupying tiles and preventing their normal use or causing other disadvantages.

List Edit

Blocker tiles
Tile Appears
in level
Name Description
Tile Entangler 20 Entangler The tile is blocked, it will not fall, doesn't count as a letter in word frenzy and cheese can not be spread on it. An advantage of the entangler is when it appears on highly useful letters the letter will remain for one more move.
Tile Mousetrap 25 Mousetrap Tile can not be used, trap moves randomly on one of the adjacent squares each turn, if the tile is destroyed by a crown or line blaster, the trap disappears.
Tile Move stealer 66 Move stealer If the bomb is not destroyed by playing the letter or blasting before the end of the countdown in the bottom right, two moves will be lost.
Tile Rock 126 Stone block Has up to 5 different hardness levels, play tiles adjacent to it to reduce gradually hardness. Blasters can also remove a rock level.
Tile Codex 141 Codex Opens or closes every move, can not be used or blasted while closed. If played or blasted while open the codex is removed from the board and replace by an ordinary tile. Hammers can destroy closed Codexes.
Tile Exclamator 201 Exclamator The tile can be used only at the end of a word, for example:

'H O U S E S!' is allowed, but not 'H O U S! E S'.

Tile Magnet 231 Crown magnet Steals crowns and releases them when the magnet is destroyed by playing adjacent or blasting it.

Note: The above is correct played within the game, however the explanation claims the crowns are only returned when all magnets are destroyed. This is incorrect as each magnet releases crowns independently.

Magnets can also be used to the players advantage by retaining crowns until later in the game when they are more likely to be effective. Crowns cannot be obtained from crown magnets, if they are destroyed, when the level is completed causing the crown remain on the place the crown magnet was formerly located.

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