The boosters are bonuses that facilitate the game. Initial boosters are free, but the player can also buy boosters with gold bars.

List of boosters Edit

Icon Name Description
Booster Shuffle
Shuffle The first appears in level 5 in the game screen. Allows to shuffle most of the tiles on the board, but not the blockers. Available once you reach a certain score (possibly several times per game) or by buying them with gold bars.
Booster Line blaster
Line blaster One line blaster that can be placed anywhere and set to the desired direction. It is activated by using it in a word on subsequent turns. Three are free, but you can buy more with gold bars.
Booster Big blaster
Big blaster

A more powerful version of the line blaster.

Booster Hammer
Hammer It can destroy any tile. Three are free, but you can buy more with gold bars.
Booster King crown
King crown Usable before starting a level. Gives 3 more crowns at the beginning of the level. It can be bought with gold bars.
Booster Extra moves
Extra moves Available when there are only 5 moves left. Gives 5 additional moves. It can be purchased with gold bars.
Crown Cannon
Crown cannon Bonus crowns when the player creates words longer than 5 letters. Purchased with gold bars.
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