Bubble pop levels

The goal in the bubble pop levels is to pop all the bubbles, some need to be destroyed several times (if they are pink bubbles or have an entangler).

Game mechanics Edit

Bubbles do not move or fall with the letters.

If the box has an entangler, it must be destroyed before the bubble can be popped.

When a crown is used, one bubble explodes randomly.

The line blasters can pop entire lines of bubbles.

There are two types of bubbles:

  • Blue Bubbles: when the tile is used, the bubble pops and leaves a normal tile ;
  • Pink Bubbles: when the tile is used, the bubble pops and leaves a blue bubble.

Strategy Edit

Do not forget that the aim of these levels is to pop all the bubbles: it is useless to create words not containing bubble, except of course if it creates a suitable word to pop many bubbles or create a crown.

Find the longest words possible and try to place their line blaster correctly so that they pop as many bubbles as possible.

At the end of the game, if the bubbles are distant from each other, try to create 4-letter words to get crowns that will destroy the bubbles randomly. This also helps to pop bubbles occupying inaccessible tiles.

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