Cheesy Desert
Cheesy Desert
World The Cheesamids
Levels 66-80
New features Move stealer (Level 66)
Released date
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The Bazaar The Cheesamids

Cheesy Desert is the 5th episode of AlphaBetty Saga.

Score levels Cheese falls levels Bubble pop levels Word frenzy levels Growth mode levels Cheesy plate levels
- 6 7 2 - -

Summary Edit

Hardest Level :

Easiest Level :

New Features Edit

  • The move stealer (bomb) blocker is introduced on level 75.
  • Counts down each move (counter shows at lower right)
  • If the counter on the move stealer reaches 0 the player loses two moves

Levels Edit

Level Type Goals Walkthrough Difficulty Notes
66 Bubble pop 42 bubbles

Not verified Move stealer (bomb) is introduced
67 Cheese Falls 8 chunks

Not verified

68 Cheese Falls 6 chunks

Not verified

69 Word Frenzy 19 Words

Not verified

70 Word Frenzy 15 Words

Not verified
71 Cheese Falls 5 chunks

Not verified

72 Pop the Bubbles 48 bubbles

Not verified

73 Pop the Bubbles 45 bubbles

Not verified

74 Pop the Bubbles 42 bubbles

Not verified

75 Pop the Bubbles 57 bubbles Not verified
76 Cheese Falls 5 chunks

Not verified

77 Cheese Falls 4 chunks

Not verified

78 Cheese Falls 5 chunks

Not verified

79 Pop the Bubbles 48 bubbles

Not verified

80 Pop the Bubbles 7070 bubbles

Not verified
Cheesy Desert


  • The new feature is introduced at middle part of the episode.
  • There is a "Tea Time" wait both before and after this Episode; players are required to ask friends to play the game or wait for a timout.
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