Cheesy plate levels

The goal of cheesy plate levels is to destroy all of the plates in numerical order. It first appears at level 276.

Game mechanicsEdit

  • Plates are destroyed by either playing adjacent to the plate or by blasting it using a line blaster.
  • Cheesy Plates are numbered sequentially (e.g., 1-6)
  • Plates must be destroyed in order, e.g., #1 must be destroyed first, then #2
  • No plate may be skipped.
  • Two or more plates are allowed to be removed in a single turn as long as they are the next plates in sequential order (e.g., if #1 plate has been destroyed, #2 & #3 or even #2,#3 & #4, may be destroyed in a single move.)
  • It is not uncommon to destroy 2 or even 3 plates in a single move using a blaster and/or adjacent play.
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