Crown is the object whenever the player plays a 4-letter word (exactly, not 5+) a crown is created on a random tile on the board.

When the tile with the crown is played in a later turn the tile enhances your play in various ways.

The effect of playing the Crown depends of the type of level you are playing:

  • Score : one random tile is destroyed (adds points)
  • Bubble pop : one bubble on a random tile is destroyed (blockers or a layer of rock may be removed.)
  • Cheese falls : one tile under a cheese chunk is destroyed randomly (if the random tile has an entangler or a mousetrap blocker, only the blocker will be destroyed). (blockers or a layer of rock may be removed)
  • Word frenzy : the count is increased by 1 for each crown (e.g., a 4-letter word containing one crown is scored as a 5-letter word). If a word with a blaster is played and the blaster destroys a crown the letter count is also incremented. Playing words with crowns and blasting crown is the main method for obtaining long words in Word Frenzy levels.
  • Growth mode : cheese spreads over an adjacent square to already spreed cheese or if no adjacent square is available cheese begins spreading in another isolated part of the board. (blockers or a layer of rock may be removed.)
  • Cheesy plate : removes a blocker such as a layer of rock, a crown magnet, etc. and once all are gone then the next cheesy plate in sequential order will be removed.

Note: In games with rocks, a single rock level may be removed when the tile with crown is played.

Strategy Edit

  • Crowns are extremely useful NEAR THE END of a game in to destroy bubbles or spread cheese to hard to reach or disparate places, as well as when Cheese Chunks are near the bottom of the board or in inaccessible places.
  • You play the game with blasters; you BEAT the game with CROWNS!
  • Generally crowns are worth little or nothing in the beginning or middle of most games since blasters are quicker and would likely hit the random tiles the crowns will affect.
  • The main exception is when playing Word Frenzy games, where the player should try to make crowns which will augment the letter count to make the longer words.
  • Crowns are also useful in the middle of Cheese Fall games to drop the cheese chunk the last couple of tiles while making other plays for blasters and other cheese chunks.
  • Crowns are very useful for removing vines, spreading cheese, or popping bubbles in isolated places.

Actively Playing Crowns Edit

  • The idea of actively playing crowns is to focus on creating four letter words and to play them to clean up targets (e.g., bubbles, cheese spread) while also making some other valuable play.
  • One example would be near the end of a Bubble Pop level with bubbles spread all over the board so that it is difficult to reach more than one or two at a time. By creating and playing crowns it is frequently possible to destroy a target and at the same time play a crown so that another target is added to the result.
  • On Word Frenzy levels actively playing crowns is the only method that can guarantee creating longer words, and can even help create some of the shorter ones once the long words have been played.
  • Many times in the end game, even the longest word and blaster is of no use if it won't reach the remaining targets.
  • Ideally when playing crowns, the player is simultaneously using and creating crowns with another four letter word.
  • You play the game with blasters; you BEAT the game with CROWNS! -- the idea is that during the middle of the game long words which create and fire line blasters do most of the work but near the end, especially on the most difficult games, there is no way to reach many out of the way targets reliably, except by Actively Play Crowns.

Note Edit

  • Strictly speaking, a crown is created by a 4-tile word. (The "qu" tile counts as only one letter.)
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