Tile Entangler

The entangler, often called a vine, is a blocker that appears for the first time in level 20. It is the first blocker in the game.

What it does Edit

  • Tile is blocked, it will not fall with others, it will not count as a letter in word frenzy type levels and cheese cannot spread on it.
  • Eliminated if used in a word, in the line of action of a line blaster, or targeted by a crown.
  • Often harmful because it prevents the cheese from falling, and forces to destroy it before spreading the cheese or pop a bubble on it
  • When a letter is difficult to use, it will be also twice as difficult to get rid of it.
  • By cons, it prevents mousetraps to move and helps to target them more easily.

How to destroy Edit

  • Try to get rid of them if it is necessary to finish the level, by using them in a word or by creating correctly positioned line blasters.
  • Crowns also help get rid of an entangler randomly when used (except in cheese falls levels, where they only target the boxes under cheeses, and growth mode levels, where they will spread the cheese).
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