Growth mode levels

The goal of the growth mode (or cheddar spreader) levels is to spread the cheese on a required number of tiles from the starting one by creating words containing boxes with cheese.

Game mechanics Edit

Only words containing at least one cheese-covered box spread the cheese. All the free boxes of the word will then be covered with cheese up to but not including or beyond entanglers.

Entanglers played will be removed but the cheese will not spread into or beyond the first entangler in the word.

Entangler covered tiles cannot be covered with cheese until the entangler is removed. If a word contains a tile with an entangler, it blocks the progression of cheese and does cover the letters the entangler either.

Playing crowns spreads cheese randomly on a box adjacent to the cheese already spread.

Line blasters covered with cheese spread cheese onto the blasted tiles when played. Note: Sometimes the blaster will only spread cheese a few of the nearest tiles or may not always blast cheese across an empty zone where there are not tiles.

In lower levels (perhaps 118 and below) blasters no on cheese may spread cheese when played in a word with a cheesy tile. On level 119 this does not work and the blaster must be "on the cheese" to spread it to other tiles.

Strategy Edit

Remember the purpose of these levels is to cover a number of tiles with cheese: there is no need to create words not having a letter covered with cheese, or words entirely covered by cheese, except of course if it creates a suitable word after, removes entanglers or creates a line blaster that will eliminate mousetraps or move stealers.

Try to eliminate entanglers as fast as possible while trying to spread the cheese.

Crowns and line blasters allow the cheese to spread faster, also in places not necessarily accessible.

Please note that in some levels, the cheese does not need to be spread over all the boxes.

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