level 142 ... 7 words in 12 moves ...

14 moves(Apr 19 2020)

  • you may want to start with an artifact that provides extra move(s)
  • there are 5 moves possible for getting crowns or positioning tiles
  • try to make a blaster every turn
  • try to end the game with 4 or 5 unused moves when you go for 3 stars
  • when a blaster is not possible ... try to make a crown using entanglers
  • try to save crowns for 6 & 7 letter words
  • most blasted crowns are returned to the board
  • 28214 will get 2 stars ... 29040 for 3 stars

This level may be as difficult as level 115 when going for 3 stars . You may want to return to levels 115 & 142 after you reach level 321. Barney is available at level 321 and provides 3 gold tiles that will help get a bigger score. If 3 golds is still tough, then try to get 3 stars on levels 321 through 365. Five gold tiles are proveded by barney when fully empowered.

Another approach when trying for 3 stars ... requires many lives(100-200 or more) ... sometimes gold tiles appear at the beginning of a game ... keep hitting quit until at least 2 gold tiles are present at the start of the game ... sometimes more gold tiles appear as you play ... try to gather(or shuffle) the gold tiles until a large score is achieved using 4 or more gold tiles. 

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