Cheese falls levels
Level 175
Level 175 1st
Episode The Andean Trail
Level type Cheese falls
Cheeses to bring down 8
Moves 22
Moves/cheese 2.8
Number of tiles 46
Blockers EntanglerMousetrapStoneCodex

First Version Edit

This level was a cheese falls level.

Difficulty Edit

  • This level was one of the most difficult levels, probably 3rd most difficult but somewhere between 1st and 5th.
  • There is very little room to play, a single column initially isolated by rocks on the right, many blockers, and the requirement to drop 8 cheeses in only 22 moves.
  • Also, several of the last cheeses will not appear until others are all remove AND an extra move is played afterwards.
  • Even with perfect play a great deal of luck in the draw of tiles is required to win.
  • Even an expert player will have far more losses than wins on this level.
  • Overall, it was very difficult to win reliably, but not impossible to win occasionally (perhaps 1 of 10 tries.)

Strategy Edit

  • Make as many vertical blasters as possible, especially on the columns where cheeses appear.
  • Use an extra move Artifact -- you will almost certainly need it.
  • Break the rock in upper right as soon as you are given an opportunity.
  • Usually the mid-left rocks are easy to break so kill them when practical.
  • Clear entanglers top down if possible so that cheese will actually fall when lower tiles are played of column is blasted.
  • Be careful of locking the right column by playing lower tiles when nothing can fall due to entanglers and there is either no room (< 3 tiles) or only poor letters.
  • Make space by clearing entanglers and codex blockers whenever you have no better play.
  • Do not hurry to blast a cheese within one or two tiles of bottom if you can remove it with crowns while making other plays
  • You must however play cheeses to allow more to fall.
  • Shuffle when you have good blasters in the wrong columns, or when you must
  • Near the end of the game you must play all cheeses that are showing AND usually play an extra move to get the final cheeses to appear-- try to make the extra move in a column likely to have a cheese (it's random) OR save a shuffle for moving your blasters.
  • Don't despair as this level require a great deal of luck in the draw and remember if there is ONE key to always consider: Kill that upper right rock and the right hand column whenever feasible.

Walkthrough Edit

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