Growth mode levels
Level 305
Episode Crumbly Mountains
Level type Growth mode
Tiles to spread 37
Moves 29
Tiles/move 1.3
Number of tiles 37
Blockers EntanglerCodexStoneCrown magnet
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Growth mode levels
Growth mode levels
Level 304 Level 305  ?
Level 305 is a growth mode level. To pass it, you must spread the cheese on 37 tiles in 29 moves or fewer (in average, you must spread 1.3 tiles with cheese each turn). When you complete the level, you will get the message "Objective Completed" and if you have extra moves, the equivalent number of random tiles will become line blasters that will be automatically activated.

Difficulty Edit

Anyone reaching this level should have little trouble defeating it as it is only moderately difficult and there are sufficient moves to win.

Strategy Edit

The cheese tile is in the center of the board and unguarded by entanglers so play typically begins by creating long words to spread cheese and remove the limited number of entanglers.

The player can very quickly begin playing adjacent to rocks and blasting them while continuing to spread cheese with very few wasted moves.

The rocks are not hard to break and the only moderately difficult tiles may be the lower two corner tiles with only diagonal approaches and protected by codex blockers.

This is likely a relatively easy level for anyone who can get to it.

Trivia Edit

As of Nov 13, 2015 (at least) this was the final level available on Facebook in English.

5 April 2017 - android app(not Facebook). Level 305: work the sides and spread the cheese. Used Witch Doctor. There is at least up to level 320 available. Still going 3 stars all the way, including level 142. erb

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