398 crown approach ... and hit 2 rocks at a time(early)

early goal ... drop the center cheese down to the center rock with 4 letter words

1) first turn ... make a word using the letter between the 2 center magnets ...   hit the center rock if possible ...   when 2 or more letters are below the center cheese - the letters will not flow ...   luck is involved here with the letters produced from the magnets...   leave the vines alone early .. this allows letters to flow

2) try to hit 2 rocks(again and again) ... hitting 1 rock is okay

3) if successful continue ... otherwise ... blasters blasters blasters

4) eventually ... break one or both of the outer magnets

5) end game ... try to make 4 letter words using multiple crowns to hit the rocks    below the cheese

if you get very lucky ... magic blaster ... 8-way blaster where it can hit all 3 lower rocks

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