pread 37 cheese in 20 moves
there are 38 tiles ... one can remain unplayed
the move stealer blows up in 3 moves
a combination of blasters and crowns can get you close ... along with a good board
take your time on this one ... excessive pondering can pay off
before each move 
  • evaluate the entanglers
  • evaluate spreading cheese
  • evaluate potential blasters

entanglers present a problem

  • try to make a crown when using tiles with entanglers
  • sometimes the entire column of entanglers can be blasted

spreading cheese 

  • try to spread cheese after using a few moves to clear some entanglers
  • look to make blasters in the 2 leftmost columns that become cheesed when created
  • these cheesed blasters must have a clear path to a tile in the 2 rightmost columns
  • once cheese is spread to both sides of the board things are a bit easier

general approach

  • create crowns and blasters
  • create blasters that become cheesed right away
  • spread cheese to both sides of the board by mid game

approximate range ... 22930 will get 2 stars ... 23040 3 stars

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