the notes here a are for a glitch with find-the-letters levels ... not specific for 809
the glitch was reported July 19 2019 ... and is being worked on Oct 13 2019

the glitch is a nuisance for those trying to beat a find-the-letters level

the glitch is a blessing for those trying to enhance a score on find-the-letters level

general info
blank gold tiles are useless when trying to make words ... they are ignored
however ... each blank gold attached or inserted into a legit word doubles the word's value

check out GARRING in the example ... 700 points without blank gold tiles ... 8000 points with 3 blank gold tiles

how to create blank gold tiles ... when a mystery word is completed with a word that contains a crown ... then one blank gold crown is usually created for each crown included in that word

open the images in a new tab or a new window

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