There are seven types of levels in Alphabetty Saga:

Icon Name Description
Score levels Score Reach the required score to finish the level.
Cheese falls levels Cheese falls Bring down cheese chunks by destroying tiles under them.
Bubble pop levels Bubble pop Pop all the bubbles, some tile need to be played multiple times (pink bubbles and tiles with an entangler).
Word frenzy levels Word frenzy Create the required number of words of different lenghts. (E.g. 5 4-letter words, 3 5-letter words, 2-6 letter words). Crowns played with a word augment the letter count on these levels and tile with entanglers do NOT count towards required word count.
Growth mode levels Growth mode Spread the cheese from the starting tile by creating words containing tiles with cheese, aka Cheddar Spreader and Spread The Cheese
Cheesy plate levels Cheesy plate Cheesy Plates are each numbered and must be played in order. However, you may play multiple plates in the same move (e.g., 1-2, or 3-4-5) as long as you play the next number do not skip any.
Mystery Mode Find out secret words in Mystery Mode by making words. Crowns will give a hint of the letter in the secret word .
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