The library displays the artifacts (or mouse helpers) and allows the player to promote them as the player wins more cheese stars.

The player can see artifacts associated with each adventure and their abilities to help the player.

Artifacts may give bonus scores as well as extra moves or crowns, or remove blockers.

Many blockers are only effective for certain level types or if certain blockers are present on the current level.

Normally the player chooses the artifact from the level "Play" page before the game board is shown.

Artifacts become more powerful as the player wins stars from the adventure associated with that artifact.

Many people have asked, "What is the best artifact helper to use?" When in doubt, take the extra move mouse if available for the current level.

Choose artifact before playing a level Edit

  • On the play screen before starting the level, select under the 3 cheese stars in the left center.
  • Once in the library, select the desired artifact -- scrolling left or right may be needed if the player has many Artifacts. Traditional Betty is a good choice because unlike other blocker destroyer artifacts, it gives 10% more points on the second level and destroys any layer.
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List of artifacts Edit

A New Adventure (Levels 1-50) Active level types Function 1 Function 2
Mystery Mouse Any level type score add crown(s)
Royal Guard Cheese falls score add move(s)
The Cheesamids (Levels 51-95)
Mummy Mouse Any level type score remove entanglers
Cleobetra Bubble pop score add move(s)
Mount Mousemore (Levels 96-140)
Liberty Mouse Any level type score remove mousetraps
Cowboy Mouse Word frenzy score add move(s)
Mousechu Picchu (Levels 141-185)
Adventure Mouse Any level type score remove move stealers
Witch Doctor Growth mode score add move(s)
Cheeastern Shores (Levels 186-230)
Kimono Blossom Any level type score remove codex (codices)
Squeaky Sensei Any level type score remove rock layers
Nordic Lights (Levels 231-275)
Eskimouse Any level type N/A remove 1 uncommon letter
Mice King Any level type score remove exclamators
Greece (Levels 276-320)
Musical Muse Any level type score remove crown magnets
Mermouse Cheesy plates score add move(s)
Romania (Levels 321-365)
Vampire-Barney Any level type score Turns 3 tiles golden
Traditional-Betty Any level type Score destroys any blocker layer (except codexes)


Romania is the last world to have artifacts.

Gallery Edit

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