Moves are one of the main elements in AlphaBetty Saga.


  • The player is given a set number of moves at the beginning of each game.
  • The number of moves varies by game but typically is between 12-45, generally increasing on the higher levels.
  • When the last move is played and the counter goes to zero without the player winning the game ends and the player loses -- unless the player chooses to trade gold bars for additional moves.
  • When first starting the player is given a modest number of gold bars, but once these are exhausted more gold bars are only available by purchasing them from the game for a modest fee.
  • As the player advances, 'artifacts' are awarded in the Library. Some of these artifacts when selected will provide the player with one, two, or perhaps more extra moves added at the beginning of the game. Artifacts are not lost through use, but may be reused.
  • Almost all levels have sufficient moves to allow the skilled and careful player to win most of the time, however the most difficult levels suffer at least partly from having fewer moves allocated for the task than are typically required to win. (For example, Levels 175, 222, 225.)
  • Occasionally the game designers reduce the difficulty of a level (presumably based on player feedback) and one of the methods is to allocate additional moves to that level.
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