My profile (also known as Achievements) is an extra item of AlphaBetty Saga. Its emblem is a blue ribbon with orange frames and humanoid wearing yellow crown. It was released for all King games on December 3, 2014 and additionally for AlphaBetty Saga in 2015.

Location and Function Edit

It is not located in any position, but you can enter by clicking on yourself at the current level:

While viewing the trail or episode path outside of any particular game, your icon will be next to your current on that icon so see your achievements.

Or you may click on your friends' icons to see their achievements as well.

When you open My profile, your achievement table will appear:

  1. Your name & Facebook image (if you connected through Facebook) at the top
  2. Level bar : Beneath your name : You increase your level by collecting stars and achievements across King games.
  3. Eye icon: In the lower left bar level: You can see My profile friends. Note: Disabled. You won't be able to see who has visited your profile, and other players will not see if you visit theirs.
  4. The King game name: The above achievements: Allows you to see the achievements of various King family games.
  5. Achievements : At the bottom : Achievements for you to gain.

When the bar reaches a new level, a message will appear: "You reached a new level"

When you finish an achievement, the message "Achievement unlocked" appears.

The orange circle to let you know your achievement progress. Just one or a few achievements will be charged 1%.

Note that when the previous achievements are completed, the next achievements will continue the previous achievements before, that is not set to 0%.

You can view your own profile and those of your friends.

Achievements Edit

Currently, there are a total of 9 achievements. The table below summarizes these achievements in AlphaBetty Saga:

Trophy Name Achievements Name Quantity Icon
Finish 30 levels on the first try Aced it! Finish level on the first try: 30
Bring down 50 cheese chunks Cheese dream Bring down a cheese chunk: 50
Trigger 50 Line Blasts Blast'em! Trigger a Line Blast: 50
Create 50 words Apprentice Created words: 50
Create 5 crowns Royalty Create a crown: 5
Get a 7+ letter word Brainiac 7+ letter words: 1
Use 50 Crowns Crowned Use Crowns: 50
Getting there 50
Destroy 10 Mousetraps Sweet freedom! Destroy a Mousetrap: 10
Slow and steady
Get the top score in 20 levels Best in the class Get the top score: 20
Best in the class
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