Sakura Pass
Sakura Pass
World Cheeastern Shores
Levels 216-230
New features N/A
Released date  ?
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Lumimouse Lanterns Pepper Jack Port

Sakura Pass is the 15th episode of AlphaBetty Saga.

Score levels Cheese falls levels Bubble pop levels Word frenzy levels Growth mode levels Cheesy plate levels
- 4 5 2 4 -

Summary Edit

  • Several of the most difficult levels are in this episode
  • This is the most difficult episode through Mouselantis, level 320
  • Any player completing the Sakura Pass episode should have no trouble beating AlphaBetty Saga (through level 320)

Hardest Level : 225 (222, 227, 230)

Easiest Level : 223

Levels Edit

Level Type Goals Walkthrough Notes
216 Bubble pop levels 66 bubbles
217 Cheese falls levels 6 cheese chunks
218 Growth mode levels 34 tiles
219 Word frenzy levels 9 words
220 Bubble pop levels 76 bubbles
221 Cheese falls levels 11 cheese chunks
222 Growth mode levels 34 tiles Likely the most difficult level (up to 320)
223 Bubble pop levels 62 bubbles
224 Cheese falls levels 11 cheese chunks
225 Growth mode levels 37 tiles
226 Word frenzy levels 11 words
227 Bubble pop levels 68 bubbles Most difficult level for 3 cheese stars
228 Cheese falls levels 11 cheese chunks
229 Growth mode levels 38 tiles
230 Bubble pop levels 74 bubbles


  • 222 was so difficult originally that King twice made it easier by changing the game: 1) requiring fewer tiles to have cheese spread 2) removing an exclamator
  • This is the last episode to have it's own background. Starting from Pepper Jack Port, all episodes has one same background per world.
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