The Cheesamids
World The Cheesamids
Levels 81-95
New features Secret Level
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Cheesy Desert New York

The Cheesamids is the 6th episode of AlphaBetty Saga.

Score levels Cheese falls levels Bubble pop levels Word frenzy levels Growth mode levels Cheesy plate levels
- 6(+1) 5 4 - -

Summary Edit

Hardest Level :

Easiest Level :

New feature Edit

  • There is a secret level that (sometimes) awards bonus boosters.
  • Secret level is entered from the Temple steps under Level 89 & 90
  • Click on 6 torches to light them, 3 on each side of steps
  • King icon in purple and gold with 3 Gold Cheese stars above will appear on steps, click that to enter level
  • Note: the torches are not lit nor does the icon appear until the player first clicks on the torches
Secret Level Location

Levels Edit

Level Type Goals Walkthrough Notes
81 Word frenzy levels
82 Word frenzy levels
83 Cheese falls levels
84 Cheese falls levels
85 Cheese falls levels
86 Bubble pop levels
87 Bubble pop levels
88 Word frenzy levels
89 Word frenzy levels
Secret Cheese falls levels Secret level sometimes awards a booster
90 Cheese falls levels
91 Cheese falls levels
92 Cheese falls levels
93 Bubble pop levels
94 Bubble pop levels
95 Bubble pop levels
The Chessamids


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