The University
The University
World A New Adventure
Levels 1 - 20
New features Score levels (Level 1)
Cheese falls levels (Level 6)
Bubble pop levels (Level 11)
Entangler, Library (Level 20)
Released date  ?
Previous episode Next episode
N/A Forest Way

The University is the 1st episode of AlphaBetty Saga.

Score levels Cheese falls levels Bubble pop levels Word frenzy levels Growth mode levels Cheesy plate levels
5 8 7 - - -

Levels Edit

  • Early levels provide an introduction to the game and tutorials on game play
  • Many of these levels introduce game features or serve as tutorials
  • Level 4 demonstrates the making and firing line blasters
  • Level 5 is a tutorial on the shuffle booster
  • Level 6 introduces the Cheese Fall game type
  • Level 8 is a tutorial on making and using crowns
Level Type Goals Walkthrough Notes
1 Score levels 1600pt First level of the game

Tutorial level

2 Score levels 3800pt Tutorial level
3 Score levels 1600pt Tutorial level
4 Score levels 3800pt
5 Score levels 2000pt
6 Cheese falls levels 2 chunks First cheese falls level
7 Cheese falls levels 3 chunks
8 Cheese falls levels 1 chunk Crown is introduced
9 Cheese falls levels 3 chunks
10 Cheese falls levels 3 chunks
11 Bubble pop levels 15 bubbles First bubble pop level
12 Bubble pop levels 23 bubbles Line blaster booster is introduced
13 Bubble pop levels 4 bubbles
14 Bubble pop levels 26 bubbles
15 Cheese falls levels 4 chunks
16 Cheese falls levels 6 chunks
17 Bubble pop levels 49 bubbles
18 Bubble pop levels 26 bubbles
19 Bubble pop levels 28 bubbles
20 Cheese falls levels 2 chunks Library and the entangler blocker are introduced after this level


  • This is currently the only episode to have 20 levels; subsequent episodes all have 15 levels.
  • The clock tower on the right side between The Bazaar and Sakura Pass shows the actual time.
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