Different tile types exist in the game, some giving bonuses or help to destroy other tiles, while others block the game and forbid certain actions, or otherwise present obstacles to play.

Playable tiles
Tile Name Description
Tile Normal Normal Normal tile.
Tile Blank Blank (empty) Wildcard tile which can be used in place of any letter, the program will accept it if the blank can be used to create any valid word with the other letters being played. Like other tiles, if the word ends on the blank tile, the blank (wildcard) will be kept as the value of the blaster created.
Tile Silver Silver (pale blue) Value of the letter is doubled.
Tile Gold Golden (yellow) Value of the word is doubled.
Tile Bubble blue Blue bubble When the tile is destructed, the bubble explodes and is replaced by a normal tile, bubbles do not move or fall with the letters.
Tile Bubble pink Pink bubble Effectively 2 bubbles on the same tile, so when the tile is destructed, the bubble explodes and is replaced by a blue bubble.
Tile Growth mode Spread cheese Cheese is spread under the tile. Cheese spreads by using the tile in a word or blasting the tile with a line blaster that has cheese spread.
Tile Line blaster 2 1 Line blaster Destroys tile (possibly removes blockers) in the directions of the arrows shown on the tile. Arrows can be 2-way, 4-way, or 8-way depending on the number of letters used to create the line blaster.
Tile Crown Crown When the tile is used, the effect depends on the level type:
  • Score : one random tile is destroyed
  • Bubble pop : one tile with a bubble is destroyed randomly.
  • Cheese falls : one tile under a cheese chunk is destroyed randomly (if the random tile has an entangler or a mousetrap blocker, only the blocker will be destroyed).
  • Word frenzy : the letter counts double (example: a 4-letter word containing one crown is scored as a 5-letter word). If a word with a blaster is played and a blaster destroys a crown the letter count is also incremented.
  • Growth mode : cheese spreads over an adjacent square to already spread cheese or if no adjacent square is available cheese begins spreading in another isolated part of the board.
  • Cheesy plate : removes a blocker such as a layer of stone block, a crown magnet, etc. and once all are gone then the next cheesy plate in sequential order will be removed.
  • In games with stones, a single stone level may be removed when the tile with the crown is played.
Blocker Tiles : See blocker
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